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Mt. Washington

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A bit about Mt Washington

Mt. Washington is a community in Northeast LA, only ten minutes from downtown Los Angeles.  It sits with Eagle Rock to the north, Highland Park to the east, Cypress Park to the southwest and Glassell Park to the northwest.   Mt Washington is a hillside community, rich in history, architecure and community, with small winding roads.  It has a treasure-trove of lovely homes from historic Craftsman, built in the early 1900’s, to Mid-Century and new eco-friendly homes built through the years by notable architects such as John Lautner, James De Long, Gregory Ain, Rudolph Schindler and Fung + Blatt to name a few.  

The most famous sites in Mt. Washington is the Self-Realization complex at the summit, but it was not originally a religious site.  In the early 1900's, developer Robert Marsh built the Mount Washington Hotel at the summit.  With seven major studios at the base of the hill, the hotel was a favorite for film stars like Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo and the likes.   A funicular  rose to the top of the hill from Figueroa.  The privacy that Mt. Washington offered with its limited access spurred many of the film stars to build small bungalows.  Some of these bungalows remain today.  Eventually the studios moved to Hollywood and the hotel closed, going through several transformations before being purchased by Paramahansa Yogananda, founder of the Self-Realization Movement in 1925.  The large white building at the top of the hill remains the world headquarters for the Self-Realization Fellowship.   Their grounds are often open for the community to enjoy a relaxing stroll or take in the views of downtown..  

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Things to know and do

Mt. Washington is known for its phenomenal parks and green spaces such as Moon Canyon Park, to watch the moon rise, Elyria Canyon Park, to hike and enjoy the 35 acres of land protected by the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy, and Rainbow Canyon where the wildlife thrives and lives in harmony with the community.  The views are amazing no matter which side of the hill you are on, with beautiful sunsets, firework displays from Dodger Stadium, the snowy peaks of Mt Wilson in the winter, as well as the downtown skyline. 

The Autry's Southwest Museum is at the base of Mt. Washington and just outside the boundries in Highland Park is the Lummis House. 

Mt. Washington Elementary school is another draw to the hill.  The community fully supports this public school through annual fundraisers to support extracurricular activities. 

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More to know about Mt. Washington

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